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Absolute professionals at st Hi-Tec. got my car back Saturday and exceeded any expectation i ever had. Goes so good thank you Stewart and the boys at the shop, such a good experience.

Brent J

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Brought a car in for a full tune these guys took care of everything offered me coffee and cake and made the car a shitload faster and safer. Never quite had service like these guys deliver.

Kane B

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The team at ST Hitec are great! Pure perfectionists! Iain goes out his way to help you! And the team makes sure your car leaves the workshop as perfect as possible! My car finally has a workshop it can call home! Cheerz guys! See you soon again!

Rizvi Azaad Buksh

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I would like to thank Stewart and the rest of the guys for doing such an awesome job on my 25det c34.. they got amazing power out of it and I’m very happy with the outcome.. Would definitely recommend to any one wanting a good tune.. these guys know there stuff that’s for sure.. very friendly and work is done to a very high standard.. thanks again Stewart and the rest of the guys.. Will definitely be back in the future.

Ben B

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Big thanks to Iain, Stewart Ben Leo and Boomer for producing my dream engine for my dream car. Professional service and quality build. Extremely happy with the outcome and can’t wait to see what she can do.

John Mckay

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Thanks Iain because St hitec is Downright the best team out! Thanks so much to everyone there and a massive shout out and gratitude to Allen and Ben over chrome weekend of this year! So helpful and just top of the line guys! I love that all your boys are always down for a chat to – shot boomer and artie! Thanks again, looks forward to more work coming your way!

Katie Payne

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I would like to thank Stu and the boys at St Hi Tech for there amazing efforts and skills for sorting out all the teething problems and dyno tuning on my r32 track car. Got a amazing 315kw at the wheels out of my rb25det. They are very professional and treat ur pride and joy as if it was there own. Highly recommended! Will definitely be back in the future. A+++

Daniel West

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Big ups to Iain and the boys at St Hitec for getting my car back up and running. Excellent workmanship and reliable. Had a lot of hiccups with the car but the guys managed to sort out all the issues and finished off with a good tune. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get modifications and a tune.

Sunny Dutt

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FAQ'S Choose a category

How much does Dyno tuning cost?

Base cost of Dyno tuning starts at $1,000 +GST and goes up depending on required software & possible unforeseen issues.
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Too get an accurate quote please inquire here!

What kind of vehicle's can you tune?

We can tune nearly all vehicles from Japanese to Euros & so on; whether factory ECU or Aftermarket.

While some uncommon vehicle’s may require software licensing to unlock.

How long does Dyno tuning take?

Dyno Tuning generally requires one day to complete.

What prep is required for a Dyno tune?

We require a full tank of fuel, new set of appropriately matched spark plugs (can be sourced upon request) & wheel lock key; if equipped.

How much do engine builds cost?

Each engine build is uniquely spec’d to meet your requirements over a personal consultation with our team!

Quotes will be provided once we have appropriately spec’d out your Xtreme Build!

Can you rebuild all engines?

We can rebuild nearly all engines; whether it’s for a street driven vehicle or all out racecar!

I am not local, can an engine build still be done?

We service Nationwide! Whether you’re local or not, vehicle transportation can be arranged too meet your needs!

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping takes  2-3 days. Overnight delivery can be arranged.. upon request on certain items for local New Zealand customers!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please inquire too arrange for international shipping if the item you are looking for does not provide the option!

Do the parts I purchase have a warranty?

All items will follow manufacturers warranty policy & may require under certain circumstances proof of installation by a qualified shop.